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Resume – Lewis M. Okser

The Cuyler Mohawk Church is a National Historic registered, net  6,700 sq ft building. The building has three floors; two are 2,500 sq ft  with 21 foot ceilings and the top floor is about 1,500 sq ft.

The building is decorated with 3,500+ mid century, mid century modern and art deco furniture, furnishings, fine arts and a large variety of  decorative arts of the periods.

The building is conveniently located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn .It has been recently remodeled and all utilities are updated.  All design and building work was done by the artist Claire Klarewicz-Okser.

The large unobstructed spaces can be used for movie and television production, music videos, fashion shows, performances and other possible uses. There are several large spaces that can accommodate up to one hundred people. The building is available for short  to longer term rentals.

All the images shown on the website are available both to users of the space and to outside production companies. The images marked “On Display” are now hanging on the Cuyler/Mohawk Church walls. All other images are available at the location.

Interested parties may call or email:

Lewis Okser, Director



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